2018 Best Mamboo Mattress
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Leading Bamboo Mattress 2018 : Essential Guide and Unbiased Reviews


Bamboo is generally becoming a common material in the manufacturing of many household products. From bamboo chairs, bamboo bowls, bamboo boards, bamboo pillows, bamboo floors, bamboo sheets amongst many others. Many are now coming to recognize the importance, quality, and benefits of bamboo as a material to manufacture various kinds of products. They are well known for their quality and their naturalness and other numerous benefits. They are well known for their sustainability, their ability to grow fast and replace themselves, making them favorable to the environment and yet available in numerous quantity for different needs. Today I will provide all the information you need to check before buy the Best Bamboo Mattress available on the market.


What is a Bamboo Mattress ?

Bamboo is fast becoming a common material that is also used in the manufacture of mattresses. Not that all of the mattresses are bamboo, but the top layer which is the most important for comfort, breathability, health and others is made from natural bamboo; that is the memory foam top layer is made infused with bamboo Some mattresses are bamboo mattress because their cover has been made from bamboo materials. This is the layer that sticks closes to the sleeper and therefore the area where we need the greatest security for health and welfare during sleep. Bamboo mattress provides this and much more.

Benefits of a Bamboo Mattress ?

Trendy Bamboo Mattress for heavy peopleThe bamboo mattress is one of the unique and most popular brands of mattresses. Bamboo mattresses generally have some unique features that place them above many other mattresses technology. They provide a great level of breathability throughout the period of the sleep. They are the mattress that you need for airflow and heat absorption as you sleep.

They provide great moisture wicking that absorbs and quickly evaporates moisture and keep the bed and the sleeper dry. Bamboo mattress with their memory foam attributes also ensure that you get a great level of comfort while providing pressure point reliefs. Their softness enables them to keep the sleeper cool and comfortable throughout the period of sleep.

The bamboo mattress is made from natural bamboo which makes them hypoallergenic and free from chemicals that are toxic to the environment and unhealthy to the body of the sleeper. Bamboo mattress is also generally free from dust mites, fungus, molds, and bacteria. They have the advantage over other types of mattresses due to their naturalness which makes them healthy for anyone, even for those who are asthmatic or have different types of allergies

In this bamboo mattress reviews, we take a look at the best bamboo mattress that is currently available in the market, looking at their features, unique features, their pros and cons and other information. This bamboo mattress reviews will guide you to making the best choice, helping you to get the best return and value for your valuable investment in the bamboo mattress.

First of all, we take a look at some relevant factors that the buyer should consider and what the buying guide is in relation to the different factors. This section helps you to understand why one bamboo mattress differs from another and what you should be looking for when you choose one above the other. It is very critical to follow this section through with great care and attention. It is this that makes sense of the other sections.


Top Relevant Factors For a Best Bamboo Mattress ?

Bamboo Mattress Quality Certification:foremost Mattress

One of the unique features of bamboo mattresses is the fact that they have been made from natural materials that are free from allergies and toxins and provide the best guarantee of health and wellness. In this regard, it is therefore important to buy a bamboo mattress that meets these quality standards.

Some basic certifications to look out for are the Oeko-Tex certification: which guarantees that the bamboo mattress has been made from purely credible and healthy substances; the Organic Crop Improvement association certification which guarantees that a product is truly organic and the Forest Stewardship Council: which ensure that the bamboo mattresses are made properly from sustainable forests.


Perfect Firmness Balance For A Perfect Bamboo Mattress:Perfect Mattress Farmness 2018

The density of a mattress determines its firmness and comfort.  High density means greater firmness and low density means less firmness. The most important thing here is to create a balance between firmness and softness. You must seek a bamboo mattress that will be firm enough to provide necessary support and yet, be soft enough to give great comfort and plushness. This is one of those balance that must be sought in making an informed decision.

It must not be too firm nor too soft. This also has to do with the body support that the mattress will provide. The level of firmness will determine the level of body support. It is important to choose a bamboo mattress that will not leave dents and be unreasonably uneven after sometimes causing pain and losing its value.


Comfort Level of a Mattress:Comfortable Sleep Position With Mattress

Different types of bamboo mattress also come with different levels of comfort. This varies from those that medium comfort to those that are plush. Memory infused bamboo mattresses provide more comfort than all bamboo covers. As a buyer, you must determine the level of comfort you want. The level of comfort that a mattress provides is known by its softness. Mattresses that are soft tend to provide more comfort and plushness.

However, when a mattress is too soft, it will not provide enough support for the body, it will lose on the firmness factor. The key is to select a bamboo mattress that has a great and excellent compromise between softness and firmness and therefore comfort and body support. Customer bamboo mattress reviews may be a great way to learn about differing levels of softness and firmness.


Moisture Wicking:Moisture Wicking for Best Mattress

One of the most important features and benefit of the bamboo mattress is the great ventilation it provides, keeping away moisture and ensuring that heat is well absorbed so as to leave you cool without discomfort and motion disturbance.

Different bamboo mattress made by the different company which has differing levels of ventilation. This arises basically out of different manufacturing process. Especially for those who sweat a lot during sleep, this factor can be the most important factor. This is one of those few factors that you cannot decide on except after use.

Therefore, there is a great dependence on those who have purchased a different bamboo brand mattress to help in making this decision. Reading their bamboo mattress reviews will be great before committing your money.


What Is The Best Bamboo Mattress Brand ? Mattress Brands

The different bamboo Company has their different and unique features and offers that they bring to the table. As a buyer, you will want to choose from brands that are known for producing good quality materials and who pay great attention to health and safety as well as quality standards.

You will want to choose a bamboo mattress company that also has a great customer service to give you a good experience and to make it easy to communicate should in case you have problems and you need to talk to someone at the company.

Customer relationship management and level of customer satisfaction are key. It is important not just to buy from the company offering the lowest prices, while that may be good, product quality and customer service should be foremost in finally deciding a bamboo mattress company. At the end, they are the key things that may make or mar your experience.

Also, place of manufacture might be important in choosing a brand. Some particular countries are well known for their good and quality products and the fact that they conform to high environmental and quality standards. This might also help in the decision making.


  Warranty and trial period Check:Best Bamboo Mattress Warranty

Considering the price and huge investment that is required in purchasing a bamboo mattress, it is important to get some added security. Customer bamboo mattress reviews sometimes fail and you might just buy a product that does not actually conform to what you think it would.

Product descriptions can sometimes be wrong and products can sometimes be faulty when delivered.For these reasons and more, it is important to ensure that the bamboo mattress company is offering good warranty period or trial period.

Also, ensure that the warranty process is not unnecessarily tedious and that the conditions are not unnecessarily harsh and impossible. This gives you added security and helps you make the right choices of your bamboo mattress.


  Is Bamboo Mattress Safe For Health ? Safe That Mattress For Health 2018

While bamboo mattress is generally healthy and can be well accommodated to anybody no matter their special health conditions, it might also be necessary to check out for a bamboo mattress that has been specially made to cater for some people with some particular problems.

If as a buyer, you have some peculiar sleep related health challenges like Pains or Asthma, while any bamboo mattress will be great for you because they provide good pressure points relief, pain reduction, and great ventilation, it might also be good to look out if any of the great bamboo mattresses have been specifically made for people with your particular health challenges.

This will also ensure that you get the best experience just for your particular health condition. And if you do not have any specific health challenge you still need to make sure that the bamboo mattress you are buying truly delivers on its dust mite proof, allergen resistant and other health benefits promised.


    Bamboo Sheets and Protector: Most Famous Bamboo Mattress Sheets 2018

It is also important to decide if you will need a bamboo mattress protector or a bamboo mattress pad. They basically ensure added comfort and plushness. So if you decide you need an extra plushness, you might consider a bamboo mattress pad. The pads are made of fitted sheets and they have quilting.


The bamboo mattress protector also helps to prevent the bamboo mattress from stains and tear. You can read through a bamboo mattress protector review to decide which bamboo mattress protector will be good for you. The bamboo mattress protector is also made of the fitted sheet but with no padding.


You can also consider a more general bamboo bed sheets review that will explain what are bamboo sheets, what they are used for and why they are needed. A bamboo bed sheets review will also look at the best available options


Having gone through the relevant factors, we will take a one by one bamboo mattress reviews of the best bamboo mattress that are currently available in the market. It is important here to pay close attention to every detail and especially to the pros and cons as this may determine whether you will make the right choice or not and in consequence whether you will have the good and great sleeping experience that you have always wanted and desired. Read carefully and choose the product that turns your desire to reality.


13 Inch Brentwood Home Bamboo MattressBrentwood Excellent Bamboo Mattress 2018

Brentwood is a brand known for their attention to making products that are sourced from natural, healthy and environmentally friendly materials. This bamboo mattress is a 13 inch mattress that is manufactured in Los Angeles, United States. They manufactures one of the best bamboo mattress currently available now.

They have a 3.5 inch memory foam layer which assures their comfort and pain relief as well as lack of motion disturbance. They also have a 2 inch ventilated airflow zone that ensures breathability, great heat absorption and hence, adequate comfortability. They also have a 7.5inch base foam that provides it with its great support and firmness while also preventing motion disturbance. They have a bamboo made a cover that is removable and easy to maintain.

This bamboo mattress cover is both soft and durable. In addition, they also contain woolen material that enhances their breathability and heat regulation. The ensure that the body is not too cold or too hot but just the right temperature for optimum sleep

Brentwood home bamboo mattress has 39 inches by 75inches by 13 inches product dimension.

Brentwood bamboo mattress has a medium feel, that it, it is soft enough but not too soft, providing a right combination of softness and firmness. Their medium feels ensure comfort and also, pressure point relief. This is made possible because they are a bamboo memory foam mattress

They provide a great amount of ventilation ensuring coolness and preventing motion disturbance as weight is distributed evenly making it good enough for two.

They are CertiPUR-US certified, guaranteeing their security and environmental friendliness. Brentwood home bamboo mattress also has a 25 year warranty and free shipping services.


✅ Environmental friendly
✅ Good comfort and support
✅ Enhanced breathability
✅ Great temperature regulation
✅ Pressure points relief
✅ Inflates easily


❌ Gets too much on the soft side
❌ Does not support twin sleepers for a long time

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Lucid Plush Memory Foam Bamboo MattressLucid Bamboo 14 inch mattress

This memory foam mattress has a three inch ventilated, gel infused memory foam that is overlaid with a 1 inch bamboo charcoal infused memory foam. It is an 80 by 60 by 14 inches mattress with a 93 pounds weight. They are made with the open cell technology. They are durable with a breathable air layer at the top. Lucid 14 inch memory foam mattress prevents motion during sleep that disturbs the other partner. They are comfortable and provide back support with great cushion and plump. They provide a great balance between comfort and support

Their unique feature is their plushness. They offer more than a medium feel and softness, they are plush bamboo foam mattress providing great comfort, pressure points relief while preventing unnecessary motion disturbance.

This bamboo foam mattress is made from environmentally friendly materials that are certified (CertiPUR-US certified). They are therefore safe and constitute no damage to the environment. They have a ventilated design that ensures better airflow and temperature. They thus enhance breathability and provide a surface that keeps a regulated temperature. They are also shipped in a way that ensures easy setup. They are compressed and rolled in such a way that when you lay it out, you can just stand by and watch it expand by itself.

They are made in the United States and conform to high quality and environmental standards.

As if that is not enough, they have a whopping 25 year warranty. That’s splendid indeed.


✅ Great comfort and support
✅ Not airtight, well ventilated and ensures breathability
✅ Safe and environment friendly
✅ Gives so much pain relief
✅ Great ability to contain body heat


❌ A little bit firmer
❌ Not so plush/soft


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11 Inch Bamboo Mattress By BrentwoodNew Perfect 11'' Bamboo Bed Mattress

This is another best bamboo mattress from Brentwood. This time, it is a bamboo queen mattress. The 11 inches mattress is a medium firm feel mattress that promises a great balance between comfort and support, not too soft, not too firm.

It has a 2.5 inches layer of gel infused memory foam that ensures that it provides great comfort, pressure points relief, pain relief while preventing motion disturbance. It has a ventilated airflow layer that ensures ventilation, heat absorption, keeping the body temperature regulated, not too hot, not too cold. This also ensures breathability and comfort through the night. It also has a solid base layer that provides great support in addition to the comfort of the memory foam.

It is a queen size with a product description of 60 inches by 80 inches by 11 inches and a size of 48 pounds.

It also has a removable bamboo cover that adds to its breathability and enhances pressure reliefs as it enables the sleeper to stretch in all directions. It also has woolen lining that ensures that moisture is wick away and no unnecessary odor generated

This bamboo queen mattress is made from environmentally friendly materials and is thus CertiPUR-US certified. They are free from toxins, heavy metals, and flame retardants. They also come with a 25 year warranty providing extra security and assurance. They are made in the United States. They are also easy to setup


✅ Environmental friendly
✅ Easy to set up
✅ Good comfort and support
✅ Fast delivery
✅ Enhanced breathability
✅ Pressure points relief
✅ Inflates easily


❌ Not enough support
❌ A little bit heavy than average mattress


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Cariloha Luxury Bamboo MattressLuxury Bamboo Mattress 2018.jpg

This is a unique bamboo king mattress. It has a cover that is made from bamboo. This cover is a plush cover that has great softness providing great comfort and pleasure. Its bamboo made cover also ensures that it provides great pressure points relief and avoidance of motion disturbance.

It also has a 1 inch memory foam layer infused with bamboo charcoal that offers comfort and luxury. It has another 3 inch standard memory foam. It has a 6 inch base layer that provides great support in addition to the comfort. The base layer made from poly foam also enhances breathability

It is made from materials that support health and safety. They are resistant to dust mites while also eliminating bacteria and toxins. They also ensure that your sleep is not thwarted by unnecessary odor. They have great airflow, enhancing great breathability.  They keep the body temperature regulated, absorbing heat and also ensuring that the heat does not give offensive odor or induce bacteria.

This bamboo king mattress is fully made in the United States and come with a 10 year warranty and also comes with free bamboo sheets as a bonus. These 100% bamboo sheets is one of its unique features. Another unique feature is that it has a special side support. While many mattresses do not have side support enabling you to sit by the side, this bamboo mattress comes uniquely with side support. It is truly a luxury mattress.

This bamboo foam mattress weighs 100 pounds and has a product dimension of 43 inches by 24 inches by 23 inches.


✅ Provides great side support
✅ Incredible overall support
✅ Environmental friendly material
✅ Combines comfort and support
✅ Free bamboo sheets


❌ A little bit heavy
❌ More on the firm side than the soft side
❌ You Sink into the bed slowly rather than with a bounce


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Best Queen Bamboo MattressQueen Size Best Bamboo Mattress

This queen bamboo mattress made by New Spec Inc. This is a bamboo bed mattress with a product description of 80 inches by 60 inches by 10 inches and a product weight of 200 lbs. It also comes with the 1.8mm pocket coil. It is a high density foam mattress with bamboo fabric. Its unique feature is the level of support that it provides. It also comes with a fire cotton quilting cover

This bamboo bed mattress is a relatively new product in the bamboo mattress industry.

Its bamboo made top layer provides it with great comfort, heat absorption and avoidance of motion disturbance. Its high density base also provides it with great support. It is a rare combination of comfort and support.


✅ Very great support
✅ Avoids motion disturbance
✅ Enhances breathability
✅ Environmental friendly material


❌ Still relatively new
❌ A little bit heavy

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Cr Memory Foam Bamboo mattressCr Suitable Bamboo Mattress

This is a 10 inch mattress that has a memory foam layer that gives extraordinary comfort and pressure points relief.  It has a top 1.5 inches layer of ventilated bamboo charcoal air cell technology memory foam that provides it with great breathability, heat absorption, and comfort.

It absorbs heat and all kinds of harmful substances from sweat and ensures that your body is protected from any kind of harmful substance, giving you great sleep in health and safety. It has a 2 inch blue gel memory foam that provides comfort and prevents motion disturbance, ensuring a sound sleep.

It has a 6.5inches base made from polyurethane that provides it with its amazing support, ensuring that the comfort and softness of its memory foam materials are aligned with a great support.

Is unique feature is its ability to provide comfort for all types of sleepers, whether back or side sleepers; no matter how you sleep.

It also has a cover that is flame retardant and bamboo fiber that ensures comfort and coolness. It is CertiPUR-US certified for quality and environmentally friendly materials. It also comes with a 20 year warranty period that enhances security. It is made from China and imported to the United States.

It is a twin size mattress with a product description of 38 inches by 74 inches by 10 inches and a weight of 37.6 pounds


✅ Fast shipping
✅ Great packaging and delivery
✅ It inflates easily
✅ Eradicates motion disturbance
✅ Provides great pressure points relief
✅ Great mattress cover
✅ Works for side sleepers as well as back sleepers


❌ It’s thin
❌ Maybe Little bit for kids
❌ A little bit too firm

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Swiss Ortho Sleep Mattress2018 Adults Mattress

This is a great product from the Better Mattress Company. It comes in different sizes from King to Full to Queen to Twin.  This is a great feature that allows the buyer to choose the one that meets their needs. This is a unique feature that enables it to fit all kinds of sleepers irrespective of body weights or types.

Whether King or Full or Queen, the Swiss Ortho sleep bamboo mattress are high density mattress that provides unique support that glues your body to the mattress. It has different layers of memory foam materials. Its base is a 4 inch high density foam that ensures support and prevents unnecessary motion disturbance, offering a totally restful night sleep. And it also has a 2 inch memory foam and a 2 inch of comfort foam.

This bamboo mattress offers great comfort together with a good support offering a great sleep experience. They have a cover that is made from bamboo. The cover is soft adding to the comfortability of the mattress. The cover is also replaceable and easy to maintain. They also help in keeping a regulated body temperature that prevents hotness and keeps a balance between hotness and coolness at different times.

It has a product weight of 40 pounds, making it easy to transport and move around.

They have a great service delivery and packaging together with a 10 year product warranty.


✅ Great packaging
✅ Good delivery
✅ Easy to set up
✅ Very comfortable


❌ Need to improve Side support for sitting
❌ Might need a bamboo mattress topper

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Signature sleep Bamboo MattressSignature Sleep Top Bamboo Mattress 2018

Signature sleep is definitely one of the popular brands in the mattress business. It is made by Dorel Industries. They are known for their coil mattress and their memory foam mattress. This particular product is a 13 coil bamboo pillow top mattress. Its cover is soft and made from bamboo. This cover ensures good breathability, moisture and heat absorption and consequently, great comfort all through the night. It has a pillow top that is one inch and a comfortable 3 zone foam that enhances comfort.

It is a coil mattress from signature sleep that has 10 inches of base support from encased coils that ensure even weight distribution and prevent motion disturbance. They also provide great comfort and pressure points relief.

They also come in different sizes from king to queen and to full enabling you to choose the one that is just perfect for you.

They are environmentally friendly, made from CertiPUR-US certified materials. They are free from toxins, ozone depleters, and flame retardants. They are also made in the United States. They also meet the Federal Flammability standard 16 CFR 1633.

They have a product dimension of 60 inches by 80 inches by 13 inches and a product weight of 93.5 pounds. The bamboo pillow top mattress affords great comfort and quality sleep. They also have excellent packaging and delivery services.


✅ Excellent support
✅ No bad smell
✅ Good for kids
✅ Easy to move around
✅ Inflates easily
✅ Great package


❌ The coils can still be felt, best used with a bamboo mattress topper
❌ Not so supportive for Heavy People

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Customize Bed Inc Bamboo MattressCustomized Bed Mattress With Cover For Perfect Sleep

A great bamboo mattress from Customize bed Inc. It has a product dimension of 59 inches by 14 inches by 14 inches and a product weight of 56.6 pounds

Their 14 inches is made up of blended, gel infused foam that provides great breathability and pressure points relief as well as softness. Its unique feature is that it works fine on any variety of beds including guest beds, camp beds, dormitory beds and folding beds. Its base layer provides great body support that minimizes motion disturbance and enhances comfort.

They are also made to accommodate a different kind of sleepers, be it back sleepers or side sleepers. Their surface is airtight ensuring that body temperature is well regulated, providing a balance between hotness and coldness in different temperatures. They wick away sweat and moisture and prevent offensive odor or toxins arising from sweat

It has a cushioned topper that ensures that they contour to the shape of the sleeper body. This ensures comfortable and sound sleep and prevents motion disturbance. This topper is made from the memory foam technology with all its added advantages.

They are light weighted making them easy to turn and to transport around. They are environmentally friendly as their materials are antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites and various allergens.

It has a unique versatility as it also comes with an antimicrobial bamboo mattress pad. This bamboo mattress pad also enhances its comfortability and protect against dust mites and fire retardants.

They have certified for health and safety y the CPSC 1633 CFR Fire resistant standard and they also have a great 5 year warranty that is easy to process.


✅ Support all kind of beds
✅ Support all kind of sleepers
✅ Come with many added features
✅ Great breathability
✅ Light weighted, easy carriage
✅ Great company with great customer service


❌ Not so great support
❌ Cover not durable
❌ Can only support lightly weighted people

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RV Queen Brentwood Home Bamboo mattressRv Queen Bamboo Mattress for Heavy People

The last bamboo mattress from Brentwood and the last for this review. This is a bamboo bliss mattress that is a pure natural bamboo mattress. It is a queen bamboo mattress made with excellent qualities & one of the best bamboo mattress out there.

It is a 13 inch mattress with 3.5 inches of memory foam that provides comfort, pressure points relief and prevents motion disturbance. They conform well to your body’s weight, shape, and size and allows you to enjoy unbeatable comfort. It also has a removable cover that wicks away moisture and helps in the regulation of temperature that makes it neither too hot nor too cold while also preventing odor from the smell. Its base layer provides great support, prevents motion disturbance and noise.

They have a medium feel and are made conformable to different kind of sleepers. This pure natural bamboo mattress is excellent combo of comfort and support

It is CertiPUR-US certified, made from great quality and environmentally friendly materials that are free from heavy metals, toxins, flee retardants and phthalates. Their quality is also enhanced from the fact that they are made from the United States and conform to careful regulatory standards.

It is an RV queen size and has a product dimension of 60 inches by 80 inches by 13 inches. It comes with a great and excellent package that is easy to box and unbox and carry around

They have a product warranty of 25 years.


✅ Environmen
✅ Very Smooth
✅ Good comfort
✅ Enhanced breathability
✅ Great temperature regulation
✅ Pressure points reliefInflates easily
✅ Provides good support at least for a while


❌ Loses support with time
❌ Too soft


Check Latest Price on Amazon


There you have it. This is the best and most comprehensive bamboo mattress review and buying the guide. Use this review to make your decision and enjoy a life of comfortable and peaceful rest. Remember to also check out bamboo mattress protector review and bamboo bed sheets review to decide if you need one.

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