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Top Latex Mattress Reviews in 2018

The health benefits of a good sleep have been widely acknowledged by many medical and health practitioners all over the world. To have optimal health, it is important to get daily quality sleep that will enhance the body system and ensure new vitality every waking day and a sound sleep always need the best latex mattress. As they say, health is wealth, and this is one of those important features that enhance health and ultimately leads to health. In a fast paced world, such benefits cannot be overemphasized.

Crucial to this sleep experience is a good mattress that provides great comfort, relaxation, and support. There are different kinds of mattresses around that are distinguishable largely based on the materials they are made of. There are memory foam mattresses made from memory foam and known for their great comfort. There are spring mattresses made from coils that ensure great support. There are also latex mattresses known for their unique naturalness and durability in comparison to other types of mattresses.

While Memory foam mattresses are uniquely known for their comfort and pressure relief, they do not possess the naturalness and durability possessed by latex mattresses. The best latex mattress is made from metal free, organic and natural components that make them healthy and free from harmful chemicals. They are arguably the healthiest and most Eco-friendly mattresses with greater durability than their memory foam and spring mattresses

In this review, we take a look at the best latex mattress that is currently available in the market, looking at their unique features, their strengths (Pros) and weaknesses (Cons). If you are planning to get the best latex mattress and enjoy naturalness and durability, it is important you carefully read through this review so you can make great economic choices that will give you the utmost satisfaction and value for money.

Before going to a one by one review of the best latex mattress, we take a look at the relevant factors that need to be considered when analyzing latex mattresses.


Best Natural, blend or Synthetic Materials

Latex mattresses come in different shades. Some are made from 100% natural materials, while some are purely synthetic. Still, yet others are made from a blend of both natural and synthetic material. Different people might have different reasons for choosing any of these combinations. Each buyer must carefully consider what they want and which of these will satisfy.

These different materials differ in their offer of comfort, Eco friendliness, and support as well as durability. It will, therefore, be important to be sure of what you want before you buy. Natural latex tend to be more expensive though with greater environmental friendliness while the blend and synthetic tend to be cheaper but may have less durability


Latex Mattress Designs: Simple or Complex

Best Latex Mattress in 2018The best latex mattress also comes with their different designs. While some have simple, uncomplicated designs that minimize shifting layers, some for some reasons have complex designs that tend to be more beautiful and attractive.

As a buyer, you must choose what you want, consider the advantages of both and decide the one that is more relevant to your need.


Dunlop or Talalay For Best Latex Mattress

Talalay Mattress 2018These are the two methods used in producing latex mattresses and they have different properties that will be desirable according to the different needs of the buyers. Dunlop method tends to be firmer and thus with greater comfort and possibly lesser comfort. Talalay is less firm, has greater softness but at a higher price.


Some customers prefer the best latex mattress to be firmer while there are others who want their best latex mattress soft. This is a matter of personal choices and the varied needs of the buyer. It is therefore important to be familiar with these different methods and make an intelligent, conscious choice on which one is preferable to your personality.


Combination of Layers Of a Prime Latex Mattress

The best latex mattress also comes with different layers and how they are all combined together. Dunlop and Talalay are some layers that are well known. Some latex mattresses are configured with Dunlop natural latex on the bottom, Talalay on the top and so on. While some do not even have a combination of layers but made solely from one single material.

Some best latex mattress is single layered, however. Multi-layered best latex mattress tends to give more personalized comfort with a unique combination of softness and firmness. Some multi layered may have the softer part on top and the firmer one at the base and vice versa. The key is individual needs and preferences.

Best Latex Mattress Brands

Best Latext Mattress Brands & ManufacturerDifferent brands, as we will see, come with their different unique features. It is important to review the relevant brands and choose a brand that its products are well aligned with your needs and interests. Brands should be well evaluated for their customer service, what customers are saying about them, customer satisfaction and relationship management.

For example, Dream Foam Bedders are known for their marvelous customer service and the opportunity they provide to choose from a varied range of firmness measuring from 1-10, thus ensuring that your product choice is really personalized.

It is important not just to be concerned about price and bogus promises. While lower prices do not always imply lesser quality, vice versa, it is also important to buy from reputable companies that will give you as a buyer, the rest of mind and assurance that you are buying quality products.


Certifications For Latex Mattress

Certifications give you a rest of mind that your best latex mattress has gone through testing and investigation and has been certifying fit for usage. A certified best latex mattress is surely more desirable. Here, it is important to look out for this certification as they assure you of quality and best practice according to international standards.

Standard Latex Mattress Density

Mattress DensityThe density of a mattress determines its firmness and comfort.  High density means greater firmness and low density means less firmness. The most important thing here is to create a balance between firmness and softness. The best latex mattress that will be firm enough to provide necessary support and yet, be soft enough to give great comfort and plushness. This is one of those balance that must be sought in making an informed decision. It must not be too firm nor too soft.


Latex Mattress Pinholes For Airflow and Coolness

Pinholes in many of the best latex mattress are to ensure that there are good airflow and coolness for the easy escape of moisture, thus ensuring more breathability. The pinholes depending on size and quantity can also aid firmness and support. Some pinholes are arranged uniformly while some are arranged differently in different parts of the mattress to provide a varying degree of firmness and softness. Personal preference is also the key here. It is important to choose the design of pinholes that offer you the best relaxation and comfort.


Environmental Friendliness

In an age where there is a lot of interest and focus on the preservation of the environment. It is important to buy the best latex mattress that has been made from materials that are friendly to the environment, protect the environment as well as materials that are free from toxins and allergens that may be harmful to you. To be the best latex mattress is to be environmentally responsible, providing mattresses that are fire retardants and dust-mite resistant.



Guaranty and trial period

Latex Mattress GuaranteeNo matter how well you do your research before purchasing a product, there are still tendencies that we might end up choosing particular mattresses that don’t end up being suitable for our personality and our personal needs. It is important, therefore, to ensure that best latex mattress is purchased from brands and companies that have a very good and attractive warranty period as well as a trial period where the product can be used and tested for satisfaction.


Now to a one by one review of the best latex mattress available in town:

Natural Latex Mattress By Best2Rest


This is the first on our list of the best latex mattress. Best 2 Rest combines a two inch layer of plush natural latex, ensuring comfort, pressure relief and absence of motion disturbance with a 1 inch gel memory foam that ensures coolness, comfortable temperature, breathability and great heat absorption and then a 7 inch of high density support foam that provides support while increasing plushness and softness.

The materials are CertiPUR-US certified giving assurance to their quality as one of the best latex mattresses. They are free allergens and retardants.

The covers are also made from ventilated latex and organic cotton ensuring greater air flow.

They are well packaged for easy unbundling and transport, and they also come with a 20 year guaranty that provides you with security. They come with a length of 79 inches and a width of 76 inches. They are also made in the United States.



✅ Provides comfort and plushness
✅ Ensures breathability
✅ Great coolness and heat absorption
✅ Ensures great support
✅ Great packaging
✅ Great customer service


❌ Too soft
❌ Not 100% Latex

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Certified Organic Latex mattress With Topper


2018 Best Latex MattressThis is the second of our best latex mattress. This is a mattress topper which is made from 100% organic latex making it purely natural and free from any form of chemicals, fresheners, softeners, and additives. It is, therefore, eco-friendly and comes with a great assurance of health. This also makes it free from any kind of irritating chemical smell.

It is also anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic, provides resistant to dust mite and fungi, thus ensuring great durability. It also solid edges that will not rip off or begin to sink in

This topper has a porous surface that assures a great and constant flow of air that prevents heat, enhancing coolness and breathability. It also has the advantages you will derive from a gel infused memory foam, that is, it is soft, plush, provides comfort, pressure points, and pain relief.

Its durability and naturalness are its unique features and selling point.

It has a size of 60 inches by 80 inches and weighs 30.5 pounds with a medium firmness and 2 inches thickness and comes with a cover that is also made from 100% latex providing for comfort and durability


✅ Inflates very easily and quickly
✅ No bent corners or edges
✅ Eco-friendly natural material
✅ Good packaging
✅ Great coolness and breathability
✅ Affords huge comfort


❌ Not as firm as expected
❌ Lot of tears in between the pinholes

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CushyBeds Latex Memory Foam Mattress


As its name suggests, this best latex mattress is one of the layered latex mattresses that are available. Its top layer is made up of a 1-inch graphite infused Talalay latex that makes it provide a great coolness and support together with heat absorption and increased breathing.

Its second layer is a 1 inch Gel Memory foam ensuring that comfort is added to comfort and plushness to plushness and great heat absorption to great heat absorption.  Its third layer is a 1 inch VISCO memory foam that provides pressure points and pain relief as well as edge support. And finally, it has a 7-inch high density support base that eliminates motion disturbance, providing great support and firm relaxation.

It has a zipper top that is washable with the machine, easily removable and reinstalled.

They are 100% the US made and provided a great packaging that makes them easy to be unbundled and bundled

This best latex mattress has a weight of 46 pounds, and they come with a whopping 10 year warranty that provides you with assurance and security.


✅ Great comfort and support
✅ Provides great coolness and breathability
✅ Provide a washable cover
✅ Great packaging
✅ Very durable
✅ Great balance of firmness and softness
✅ No smell


❌ Costly
❌ Little Bit Heavy

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Luxury Latex Mattress By Eco Terra


This is another one of the best latex mattresses. This is one of the latex mattresses that is made from 100% latex. It is 100% plant derived and hypoallergenic. It is configured to provide you with great support throughout your sleeping experience.

This best latex mattress has fabric encased coils that provide you with comfort, providing pressure points relief and minimize motion disturbance. These coils are 16 Gauge USA steel.

The cover is made from soft organic cotton quilted with soft foam backing with no irritating chemicals.  This ensures you have great comfort while you sleep.

This best latex mattress has a size of 80 inches by 76 inches by 11 inches and a weight of 127 pounds. It has a medium density and a medium firmness



✅ Good combination of firmness and comfort
✅ No odor
✅ Good packaging
✅ Provides great support
✅ A little bit of plushness


❌ Too firm for side sleepers
❌ Can be a little bit hard

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Best 9″ Natural Latex Mattress


This best latex mattress is a product of latex for less. It is an all-natural latex mattress. It uses two different layers of botanical latex providing different levels of firmness that is adjustable to the needs of the particular sleeper. This is a unique feature offered by this product. It ensures that different levels of firmness are given for a different set of people by interchanging the layer with just a flip. This is definitely an awesome feature of this best latex mattress.

It is made up of 8 inches pure, natural latex and a 1 inch organic cotton cover. It also has a natural fire barrier made from wood. They have a shipping weight of 118 pounds

They also have an organic cotton cover which is GOTS certified that adds to the comfort and also provide coolness that ensures an overall great experience. Its materials are natural without any offensive chemicals; they are hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and environmentally friendly

Their products are manufactured in the United States and come with a whopping 20 year warranty that adds security and assurance to great comfort.


✅ A great option for different level of firmness
✅ Environmental and eco-friendly
✅ Provides great comfort and support
✅ Great covers
✅ Its fire barrier also an added value


❌ Slight odor( not chemical odor)
❌ Little bit Farmer than expected

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Ultimate Dreams King Eurotop Latex Mattress


Best Eurotop Latex Mattress 2018This best latex mattress is one of the awesome products of Dream foam bedding, a popular brand when it comes to mattresses. This King size mattress has many admirable features that make it one of the best latex mattress.


It is a 12 inch mattress with 3 inches of total latex that provides great comfort, relaxation as well as pressure points relief, 8 inches of high density foam that provides support (as well as airflow, coolness, and breathability) and an attractive zipper cover. The material it is made up of are free from allergens, antimicrobial, and dust mite resistant. They are eco-friendly and guarantee security.

The quilted cover made from bamboo contains biodegradable fibers and 1.5 inches super soft reflex foam.

The unique thing about this foam is that it is made with a varied level of firmness, in such a way that a particular customer can make a custom order for their desired level of firmness. The firmness level is then decided and chosen by the purchaser making the product well personalized and free from unnecessary disappointments. The firmness level ranges from the firm, medium firmness and softness.



✅ Great comfort
✅ Good customer support
✅ Customers are well carried along in making their choices
✅ Good packaging
✅ Provides coolness and increased breathability
✅ Made from eco-friendly natural materials


❌ Inflates and expands quickly and easily
❌ Not so durable
❌ Edges not suitable for sitting

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Ultimate Dreams King Natural Latex Mattress


Natural Latex MattressAnother best latex mattress from dream foam bedding.  Unlike the previous one, this is a 10 inch mattress, and it’s made using the Dunlap method rather than totally. Its unique feature is the level of plushness it offers in comparison to other latex mattresses.

It is made from materials that are hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant and antimicrobial. Its Dunlap latex layer provides great comfort and pressure point relief

Like the 12 inch mattress, this is also made with different levels of firmness which provides customers with the opportunity to be contacted for the level of firmness they particularly want.

It has a top Dunlap layer that is 3 inches, a 5.5 inch base foam made from polyurethane material, making it to add increased airflow to great support and a 1.5 inch cover from soft reflex foam which adds a great deal to its plushness

Its quilted bamboo cover is made from natural wool and cotton and provides great moisture and heat absorption, offering coolness and breathability. This adds to the overall comfort that this best latex mattress offers. The woolen material also makes it fire retardant and resistant to combustion as well as ensuring that there is no motion disturbance during sleep.

It has a shipping weight of 116 pounds. It is made in the United States, and thus quality and conformity to regulatory standards are well guaranteed.



✅ Offers a great deal of plushness
✅ Great comfort and coolness
✅ Ideal support
✅ Fire retardant cover enhances security
✅ Great customer service
✅ Offers pain relief


❌ Edges not comfortable for sitting
❌ A little bit heavy, moving it around can be very difficult
❌ Not so durable

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Dream Foam Cushion Firm Latex Mattress

Ultimate Best Latex Mttress By Dream foamAnother one from Dream foam and the last best latex mattress for this present review.

This is a 10 inch latex mattress that has been made using the total method. It has a three inch totally latex top layer that provides great support as well as ensuring pressure point and pain relief. Its 5.5 inches high density base foam layer offers incredible support, coolness, breathability, and relaxation.

It has a cover of 1.5 inches of soft relax that ensures comfort and coolness as well as great moisture and heat absorption.

It is a mattress that also comes with different options for firmness that can be preselected by the customer in contact with their great customer service. Their great customer service also provides help for those who do not know what firmness level to offer. They will guide you through in making the decision by explaining the differences between the different levels on a scale of 1-0.

It has a size of 79 inches by 60 inches by 10 inches. Its size is 70 pounds, as it is a queen mattress. It is made and packaged in the US and delivered to you just where you are. Bundling and unbundling is very easy as it also inflates and expands easily

Its cover is made from bamboo providing great coolness and heat absorption. They are also firing retardants as well as hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant.

This best latex mattress comes with great packaging and a customer service that you cannot just resist.


✅ Great customer service
✅ Utmost comfort and support
✅ Coolness and breathability
✅ Environment-friendly materials
✅ Great flexibility for choice of firmness level
✅ Provide great pain relief


❌ Not so durable like other latex mattresses
❌ Edges are not comfortable for sitting

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There you have it. We have gone through the review of best latex mattress that is available. The importance of latex mattresses for their naturalness, durability and other quality has been seen. And it is very clear that latex mattresses are one of the best types of mattresses available today. And for those who will be smart enough to buy them, we have gone through general factors that are to be considered as well as one by one review of the best latex mattress.

Now we look at some other relevant factors that might influence your buying decision and choice. We look at the current prices, reviews, and shipping information. While these are not to be the primary or most important factors, they sure are added factors that can’t be ignored

There you go:



Best Latex Mattress Price($) Shipping Cost Shipping days Review No of reviewers
Best 2 Rest 10inch Natural Latex Mattress NA NA NA 4.8 34
Certified Organic Latex mattress Topper by Organic Textiles $$$ Free NA 4.1 120
Cushy Beds 4 Layer Latex Memory Foam Mattress $$$ Free NA 5.0 15
Eco Terra 11” Luxury Latex Mattress $$$ Free NA 4.1 138
Latex for Less 9″ Natural Latex Mattress $$$ Free NA 4.6 32
Ultimate Dreams King Eurotop Latex Mattress $$$ Free 6-10 4.5 235
Ultimate Dreams King Natural Latex Mattress $$$ Free 3-4 4.0 34
Dream Foam Mattress Ultimate Dreams Cushion Firm Latex Mattress $$$ Free 2-3 4.1 827



It is now time to choose from the best latex mattress and begin to enjoy the benefits and huge advantages that are offered to you by latex mattresses. Having one of the best latex mattresses is a leisure you surely want to have. Do not procrastinate, do not be fearful, with this review, you are standing on solid ground. So, get off your comfort zone, choose the perfect mattress for you and your family and begin to enjoy the pleasure of sound sleep. With sound sleep comes a healthy body and a healthy mind. Remember, health is wealth.

Best Latex Mattress Buying Guide 2018
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