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Mattress With Green TeaReview for Maximum Comfortable Mattress in 2018

Buying a good mattress is as important as anything else for those who love their sleep But finding the most comfortable mattress is a Nightmare! The night is meant for sleep and in a world with so much to do during the day, with a lot of stress and frustrations, getting a good night sleep is essential to renewing our energy for a new day and calming us from our stress. A good sleep is also very key and beneficial for a good health.

Therefore, it is important that getting a most comfortable mattress be placed on a top agenda for anyone who truly loves his or her life. The task of getting a good mattress is not an easy one since we all have different needs. This means what is best for Mr A might not be okay for Mr B. There are many factors that lead to this. But even at that, there are some common factors that should be evaluated by anyone who wants to buy a good mattress

In this review, we take a look at 9 of the most comfortable mattress, setting out their basic features, their unique features, pros and cons as well as other relevant factors that might influence your choice of mattresses.

This review is an extensive review that you must read through if you do not want to spend money on a mattress and regret it later. Stay tuned as we take this excursus.

First, some relevant factors to consider in choosing any good mattress.

Size Of a Perfect MattressAverage size for Mattresss

Sizes normally range from king size to queen size and twin size. In choosing a most comfortable mattress, the size must also be considered. It must be large enough to accommodate the user.

Air and Breathability

It is also important to consider the temperature of the particular mattress you want to purchase. You need to be sure it is a mattress that allows air in and enhances breathability. It should also be a mattress that ensures coolness and does not suffocate

Sleeping Position

Most Comfortable Mattress Sleeping PositionThere are some mattresses that are more supportive of people who are back sleepers rather than people who side sleepers. It is important to also consider whether a particular mattress supports your peculiar sleeping position before buying

Find The Best Mattress Brand

There are different mattresses brands. Different brands have what is unique about them and you must determine whether that unique feature is relevant for your particular need. For example, perfect cloud is known for their resistant materials that make them usable for different sizes of sleepers and their gel infused materials that enhance breathability. Another like Signature sleep is known for its coil materials.  Choosing the right brand from which to choose the right product is essential. However, there must not be an excessive rigid commitment to one brand that makes you accept low quality products when better ones are available from other brands


Comfort Level of the Most Comfortable Mattress

Romantic mattress

Your comfortability is at the end of it all the important thing. Your choice of a mattress must ensure this. If you are buying offline, it is recommended to test the mattress on different sleeping positions and see how it works. For online purchase, reviews might be a good place to learn about the comfortability of any choice mattress.

Density for Perfect Relax

The density of a mattress determines its firmness and comfort.  High density means greater firmness and low density means less firmness. The most important thing here is to create a balance between firmness and softness. A most comfortable mattress that will be firm enough to provide necessary support and yet, be soft enough to give great comfort and plushness. This is one of those balance that must be sought in making an informed decision. It must not be too firm nor too soft

Perfect Scent of a Mattress

Most comfortable mattresses come with a scent / odor when they are purchased. However, under normal circumstances, this is expected to go away in few days or weeks. For some memory foam mattresses, this might not be the case and the odor may actually last beyond a reasonable time frame. While enjoying the comfort and support of your mattress, a bad smell or odor is definitely unacceptable. In this regard, it is expected for the buyer to do a thorough research on other people’s experience with this product to determine its choice.

Environmental Friendliness

In an age where there is a lot of interest and focus on the preservation of the environment, it is important to choose a mattress that has been made from eco-friendly materials that protect the environment as well as materials that are free from toxin and allergens that may be harmful to you. To be a most comfortable mattress is to be environmentally responsible

Product warrantiesWarranty of Most Comfortable Mattress in 2018

Even the best and most painstaking research does not guarantee that you will finally be comfortable with one of the most comfortable mattress you decided to choose. You may just get home and realize that because of some unique features peculiar to you, the much rated mattress that you have bought with the huge price does not satisfy you. This is a very dicey situation.

Does it mean that all your money is now lost? This is why it is important to get product warranties and money back guarantee. However, it is also important to note that some of these warranties come with some stringent conditions that must be met before they can be claimed. It is important for you as a buyer to carefully go through those conditions and decide if they are conditions you are comfortable with and if they are reasonable and non-exploitative.

Customer Support

One quality of a good company is their customer support system. And for very personalized products like mattresses, it is definitely important to buy only from a company that has a responsive customer service. This is part of a good after sales service. A company with bad customer service may give you an awful experience when you need to ask questions or make clarifications that are important for your comfort and enjoyment. On the other hand, a responsive, respectful and interactive customer service will enrich your product experience and it’s thereby necessary to your overall evaluation and product choice. A most comfortable mattress must also have a great customer service

Price Level

The price of mattresses ranges from the low to the high. Here, it is important to understand that sometimes higher price means better quality and sometimes it doesn’t. Also, sometimes lower price may mean lower quality, sometimes it doesn’t. Decide what your budget is and within that budget frame, choose the best quality available. Choose a most comfortable mattress for reasonable price.

Classic Brands Memory Foam Mattress Buying Guide

Classic Brand Mattress

This is a unique foam that is made up of Gel, which is a material that comes with many great advantages. Gel memory foams are more open with interconnected cells that ensure lower density and therefore ensuring more breathability.

This mattress keeps you cool through the night’s sleep while it being a memory foam ensures that pressure points are reduced and the body is well aligned preventing pain and providing comfort. Its great substance also ensures that heat is well conducted, preventing sweating. It is well ventilated, allowing for breathability while also ensuring that there are no movements and turning through the night.

This most comfortable mattress is of medium firmness, providing both support and comfort. The most unique feature of this mattress is how it could combine great affordability with comfortability.

Classic brands memory foam is three layered with a height of 12 inches. Its first layer is a 2.5 inch gel memory foam while the second is a 3 inch poly gel support foam and the base layer is a 6.5 inch high density base foam. It is meant to have a plush feel and coolness. It has a weight of 58 pounds and comes in an 80inches by 60inches by 8inches package.

It is very much easy to set up after delivery. The material it is made up is environmental friendly (CertiPUR-US certified) and antimicrobial. They are also dust mite, bacteria, mold and allergen free.

This most comfortable mattress also comes with a whopping 10 year warranty giving you confidence and assurance.


✅ Very Affordable
✅ Gets fully formed quickly after unpacking
✅ great support and comfort Enhances breathability
✅ No bad smell


❌ Not so soft
❌ Firmer than expected
❌ Rounded edges that can cause slip

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Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress ReviewsPerfect Comfort level mattress

This is another of the most comfortable mattress available. Like the previous one, it is made of Gel infused memory foam. This allows it to ensure great breathability, preventing unnecessary sweat and choking through the night. It is a two layered mattress.

The top layer is made of gel while the base layer is an 8 inch base of supportive core foam which provides comfort, restfulness, and support. The fabric cover is made from bamboo which also enhances its breathability

Its materials (Gel, bamboo and core foam) are environmentally friendly that are not just CertiPUR-US certified but also green guard certified (no toxic and adhesives).

Like the previous mattress, it also has a medium firmness making it able to combine great comfort with great support.  Imagine mattress is definitely one of the most comfortable mattress around.

It has a moderate weight of 53 pounds with a dimension of 39 inches by 75 inches by 10 inches. This product also comes with a huge 25 year warranty that gives you great security and assurance.


✅ Great heat absorption
✅ Great comfort and support
✅ Easy setup
✅ No bad smell
✅ Offers great pain relief


❌ Not so soft
❌ Lacks edge support
❌ A little bit heavy

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Englander Mattress ReviewsRelaxed Mattress

One unique feature of Englander Mattress as one of the most comfortable mattress is that it offers good quality at cheap price. Unlike the previous two mattresses that are made of gel infused materials, this mattress is made up of a 3 zone support system that eliminates pain and motion disturbance, a plush quilted cover that provides great comfort and an environmentally friendly, CertiPUR-US certified foam layer.

It is a strong and durable mattress that has been made with the kids in view. This is one of the most comfortable mattress with this unique feature that ensures it doesn’t easily wear and tear

It is a 38 inches by 80 inches mattress that is well packaged for easy removal and inflating.  It’s a 10 inch memory foam mattress with 3 inch soft wool and 7 inch spring. Even at his affordable price, it provides great comfortability and coolness.

Englander Online mattress also comes with a one year warranty.


✅ Very affordable
✅ No smell
✅ Durable
✅ Soft and very comfortable
✅ Its Plush


❌ Hardly provides pain relief and support
❌ Not so firm
❌ The sides are sliding

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Signature Sleep Coil MattressBest Coil Mattress 2018

This is another really affordable mattress of the most comfortable mattress. This however comes from Signature Sleep, one of the most popular mattress brands.

This particular Signature sleep is a 6 inch mattress. It has a 1 inch layer of foam that provides huge comfort and 5 inches 13.5 gauge coil mattress springs that are well assembled to minimize the feeling of the coils. It is a mattress with high density making it very firm and supportive. It is not a plush mattress.

The unique feature of this signature sleep mattress is its ability to work on multiple surfaces. Its cover is soft and quilted and can provide support and comfort on different types of beds, including but not limited to daybeds, platform beds, sofa beds, bunk beds amongst others

Its materials are eco-friendly and free from ozone depleters, mercury, lead and other pollutants. It is CertiPUR-US certified. It also meets the flammability standards of 16 CFR 1633.

Signature sleep has a weight of 28.5 pounds making it easy to transport and move around. It has a height of 6 inches, the width of 39 inches and length of 74 inches.

It is well packaged in a single box with home delivery. It also expands easily and quickly. It doesn’t come with a warranty though.


✅ Firm and very supportive
✅ Great package
✅ Works on different surfaces
✅ No bad smell
✅ Good for kids
✅ Easy to move around
✅ Inflates easily


❌ Not plush
❌ The coils can still be felt, best used with a topper

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Home Life comfort Sleep Mattress

From its name, it is evident that this mattress was particularly made to provide you just with the comfort you need as you sleep. With that, it also comes as one of the cheapest of the most comfortable mattresses under review.

Like the signature sleep mattress, it is also made with coils that ensure equal body weight distribution that relieves pain and any pressure points while also limiting motion disturbance

Like the Signature sleep, it has a 15 gauge pocket coils with quality foam and polyester layering between cover and coils that ensure that the coils do not disturb the comfort and the overall experience

It has a medium 36 pounds weight and its size is a 78.7 inches by 35.4 inches by 6.3 inches.

The mattress like the others is well packaged for easy and comfortable unboxing. Its materials are environmentally friendly. It sure is worth being one of the most comfortable mattress.

It does not however have a warranty package.


✅ Very good for a bunk bed
✅ Great firmness and support
✅ Very cheap
✅ Great packaging
✅ Great for kids
✅ Inflates quickly and easily


❌ Not so much padding
❌ Not so durable

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Perfect Cloud Mattress Reviews

Whoa! Another gel infused memory foam mattresses. But this time, this is coming from the Perfect cloud. Its uniqueness is testified to by its certification by Goldilocks.

Its unique feature is its ability to contain and give comfort and support to nearly all kinds of sleepers irrespective their weight, kid or adult.

They are made with a top layer of 3 inch Gel infused memory foam and they have a great density that combines comfort, cushion with support. Its materials are also resilient, eco-friendly with no ozone depleters, mercury, lead, phthalates, making it CertiPUR-US certified.

The second layer is a 3 inch bi directional double air flow foam that ensures great heat absorption and breathability, adding comfort to comfort. Its third layer of 4 inch double air flow base support enhances support and adds support to great comfort. This is definitely one of the most comfortable mattress you can ever find.

It also has a cover that matches with any bed frame. This cover is a knit cover that also adds the extra uniqueness of being easily removable for easy care.

It comes with a 10 year warranty and a 30 day trial period. It combines great comfort with great security.

This memory foam mattress has a 46.3 pounds weight. It has a size of 75 inches by 39 inches by 10 inches.


✅ Fine for all type of sleepers
✅ Combines comfort and support
✅ Provides great pain relief
✅ Provides heat absorption and breathability
✅ Great customer service
✅ Great packaging
✅ Comes with a great package that is easy to maintain


❌ Too soft for sitting on
❌ Not as durable as expected

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Perfect Cloud Hybrid Mattress

Many of the most comfortable mattress are either from spring materials that ensure support or they are from gel infused memory foam that ensures comfort. But this product from Perfect cloud is a rare hybrid of these two. Its unique feature is its ability to combine the features of these two materials in a single product as well as its ability to contain sleepers of different weights as a result of its responsive materials.

Its top layer is a 1 inch cool touch plush memory foam ensuring great comfort and plushness. Its second layer is a 2.5 inch gel infused memory foam which provides it with its coolness and ability to support breathability. Its base layer is a 5.5 inch wrapped coil springs within a 1 inch poly support foam encasement which helps it to provide support as well as durability. It also ensures there are no motion disturbances while sleeping

Like their Atlas gel product, this also comes with a cover that is easy to remove and maintain. It also features the air transfer technology that allows the mattress to be fresh and cool. This cover matches with any bed frame.

Its materials are CertiPUR certified for environmental friendliness. They also come with a 10 year warranty to boost your confidence by giving you great security for your money.


✅ Great comfort and support
✅ Durable
✅ Breathability and heat absorption
✅ Plush and soft
✅ Relieves pain and deals well with pressure points
✅ Expands quickly and easily
✅ Awesome combination of memory foam and spring


❌ A little bit bulky
❌ Might not be so great for side sleepers
❌ Cover not so thick

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Perfect Cloud Memory Foam Mattress

Another great product from the perfect cloud. This is one of the most comfortable mattress available. Like other perfect cloud products, it is made of resistant materials that make it fit all sizes of sleepers. This is also a product that meets the Goldilocks standard. Like others, it also comes with a premium knit cover that is easy to clean, provides air flow and a softness that adds to the comfort of this mattress.

It has a 2.5 inch memory foam that provides great comfort and makes you feel you are sleeping on the cloud. It also has a base layer of 5.5 inch support foam that ensures that its great comfort is also balanced with a great support, all for your satisfaction. This makes this one of the most comfortable mattress

Its materials are CertiPUR certified, ensuring that they are environmental friendly. They are also dust mite and allergen proof. They come with a 10 year guaranty and a 30 day free trial period.


✅ Right firmness
✅ Great support and comfort
✅ Easy to set up
✅ Great pain relief
✅ Easy to move around
✅ Inflates and expands easily


❌ Has durability issues
❌ It bends at the ends and edges

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Ultra Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The unique feature of this mattress as one of the most comfortable mattress is its plushness. It’s a very soft memory foam that offers a greater plushness compared to others.

It has a thick top layer of 1.5 inches that is air infused memory foam. This ensures breathability, coolness and great heat absorption. This top layer also has a great density that ensures comfort and cushion. It has a second layer of 2 inch Gel max memory foam providing it with more breathability.

Then, it has a 6.5 inch base layer that provides incredible support in addition to great comfort. Its plushness is also combined with a medium feel firmness that ensures great balance.

This most comfortable mattress has a weight of 45.5 pounds and a size of 75 inches by 38 inches by 10 inches.

It has a 10 year warranty

Its Goldilocks approved, CertiPUR certified and environmental friendly. Its responsive materials make it adaptable for all sizes of sleepers and its cover offer additional comfort and pleasure.


✅ Prevents motion disturbance
✅ Great pain relief
✅ Offers huge comfort and plushness
✅ Offers coolness and breathability
✅ Great packaging
✅ Easy to unbox and it inflates easily


❌ Lacks durability
❌ A little bit firmer than expected
❌ Not as plush as expected

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We also take a look at some other relevant factors that will help you in making a choice of what most comfortable mattress to choose from. While the features, pros and cons examined hitherto are so important, these other factors may also influence at the end your buying choices and patterns.





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